Major indexes are trading higher at the start of trading in New York. The Dow and S&P are still higher, but the Nasdaq traded in positive and negative territory early in the session. The Dow is helped by financials which are solidly higher at the start of the session:

a snapshot of the market 12 minutes after the start of the open shows:

  • Dow Industrial Average up 318 points or 1.01% to 31,581.21
  • S&P up 33 points 99 points or 0.87% to 3935
  • NASDAQ index up 64 points or 0.57% to 11417.70
  • Russell 2000 up 10.3 points or 0.58% at 1783.62

JP Morgan said their interest margins will increase going forward, helping the sector. Shares of JP Morgan are currently up 3.58%. Below is a list of selected banks and financial institutions that are also trading solidly higher at the start of US trading.

Financial stocks

Financial stocks are trading higher