Loan with pledge of assets has growth

The pledge loan has grown 12% in 2016 and is an alternative for those who want to pay off a debt but do you know how it works? Let’s explain.

How does the pledge loan work?

How does the pledge loan work?

In this type of loan, the user attaches something of value. Often people make the pledge using family jewelry, for example. For those who can give something as collateral, the pledge loan works as an alternative to get money with low interest and quickly.


What are the advantages?

As explained, in the case of a pledge loan, the borrower can apply for the loan by paying interest of 2.1% per month by the Baisa Economy Federal. In addition, you do not need to go through a cadastral analysis or credit analysis.

The credit limit on a pledge loan can be up to 85% of the value of the property given as collateral and the bank accepts jewelry, watches and even valuable pens. In addition to raising money, the customer can opt for a line of credit (only available at Baisa Economy Federal.

The minimum installment for this type of credit is $ 50.



What are the advantages?

To use this type of credit, you must have a good of value, which is not a reality for the entire population. Also, not every institution accepts the lien collateral to make a loan.

It is also worth noting that the pledge is only advantageous when the person knows that he will be able to pay the credit. This is because the user will pay interest and may lose the part. If there is no sentimental value in the pledge, the sale is more advantageous as it is possible to get more money than in the loan and it is still possible to invest the money.



Secured or auto loan is one of the alternatives for those seeking lower interest credit but there is also a risk involved in this case.

For those who do not have something to pledge or pledge, the solution lies in the personal loan. You can find rates starting at 3.09% per month (CET) by borrowing online from MoneyCo, for example. In addition, the borrower does not risk losing a property that he estimates in this type of loan.

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